The drimmel crippled my bird!
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Posted 3/1/2009 10:05:33 AM

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I am no expert on a dremmel, as I have never used one. However, they use one to maintain the beaks of the birds of prey we have as educational birds at the raptor center (they keep their beaks trim in the wild, but cannot in captivity, so someone has to cope their beaks now and then). Even then, they only use the dremmel on beaks. Talons get trimmed with one of those nail clippers that they use specially for dogs and such.

From what I've seen of a dremmel, though, I sure wouldn't use it on a bird as small as a senegal, and I certainly wouldn't use it on their feet. I have only had to clip our birds' toenails once as of yet because one of Beau's was getting long enough that it would have become a discomfort for her, but a nail-clipper did just fine. (Yes, I know to be careful about the quick.) I think you can also use a nail file to file them down, if your bird will tolerate that. I'd think a dremmel would be a bit too much.

Your birdie should be fine once everything starts to grow back a little, though. As to the climbing, perhaps he needs to get used to his "new" toenails, as well?

Montana Raptor Conservation Center
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